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[Seungri] “That’s it! That’s the sixth time you defended your girlfriend in public. You can’t continue to do that. Your fans will get disappointed in you. I can’t tolerate this behavior you have. I’m letting you date but you are leaving such a big mess for me to fix? Is that how you thank me?” Yang Hyun Suk shouted at Seungri as he threw the magazine on the desk.

You’ve been dating Seungri for two years now, during these two years many fan girls got jealous and attacked you, Seungri was present when it happened and he defended you. Even went to taunt them to stop in order to protect you. He was always acting cute when you were dating and all but when you were hurt, he saved you immediately and showed a rather scary side of him.

This time, a few fan girls tried to push you off a river whilst Seungri went to buy you two something to drink. Luckily Seungri came back in time to grab your hand but instead, both of you fell into the river. The river was deep and you weren’t a confident swimmer, he managed to get you back onto land. The fan girls that pushed you were still there and now they were accusing you for getting their dear idol all wet. “SHUT UP! What are you guys thinking? HOW CAN YOU PUSH A WEAK GIRL INTO THE RIVER? AND ACCUSING HER FOR GETTING ME ALL WET? IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT! I DON’T NEED FANS LIKE YOU! GET OUT OF MY LIFE” Seungri yelled at the fan girls. Snap Snap! People around took photos and videos of the whole process and now it’s all on the headlines: Seungri shouts at fans to save his girlfriend. Fans push Seungri’s girlfriend into the river, Seungri goes crazy.

“I’m sorry for the trouble I’ve caused but I won’t stop protecting her. She’s the women I love. I will do anything I can to protect her from fan girls because afterall, it’s all my fault.” Seungri apologized to Yang Hyun Suk, he bowed and left the room. “I can’t let things go your way anymore…” Yang Hyun Suk mumbled to himself.

Hello I am Yang Hyun Suk, Seungri’s Boss. You probably know me. I know you are dating Seungri right now. I would like to meet you for lunch later on at the restaurant down the road from our company, I know it’s rushed but I hope you can make it.

Your phone vibrated and you saw the message. You checked your planner and made sure you didn’t have any lunch appointments. You replied his message with a yes and waited till lunch came.

You made your way to the restaurant and saw him waiting for you already. “I’m sorry I’m late.” you apologized as you sat down. “It’s okay, I’m just early. Why don’t you pick something to eat first.” he replied as he handed you the menu. You picked a light salad which arrived very quickly. The two of you started to enjoy your meal whilst he started complementing you.The mood was generally easy going but you thought it was weird for him to invite you to eat lunch just talking bout nothing really..

“There’s actually a reason why I invited you to lunch. You see, you are a wonderful lady and I truly think you and Seungri match a lot. He’s been working very hard since the two of you started dating but the thing is he’s been getting into a lot of trouble with his fans whilst protecting you. Have you every thought that you might be a burden to him? Perhaps you guys should stop dating for a while. Seungri’s career may be completely ruined if you continue to date him and he continues to protect you. You don’t want that to happen right?” Yang Hyun Suk asked you as he suddenly changed the atmosphere.

You looked down at your hands, He’s right, you thought to yourself. You stood up and grabbed your things. “I understand, sorry for bothering,” you managed to get the words out, you turned around and walked out of the door. As soon as you made sure you were out of his sight, you ran back to your office with tears. You took out your phone and pressed the buttons to send a message to Seungri: It’s Over. Thanxs for everything. Bye.

For the following week you didn’t answer any of his phone calls or text messages but you still got threats from fan girls. It. Just. Won’t. End. You quit your job leaving your boss clueless. She asked you to stay but you just left with tears. You locked yourself at home for the whole week doing nothing.

“There’s no way they will stop annoying me. There’s nothing I can do. I might as well leave this world. There’s nothing left for me to treasure. There’s nothing that I will miss. Yes, I won’t miss anything.. I won’t..” you thought to yourself. You took out bleach and detergent and started to mix it. You poured it into a cup and mixed it with some red wine until it looked like a normal cup of red wine. “I hope it won’t taste too bad” you said to yourself as you started to pour it into your mouth. It tasted disgusting but you swallowed it all.

You could feel your whole body heat up and soon you just flopped on the couch unconscious.

Your phone vibrated non-stop. Seungri was still shocked and extremely worried about you.

Honey what’s wrong? We were so good! What happened? Are you okay?

It’s been a whole week! Reply me! PLEASE! I’M BEGGING YOU!

Please don’t make me cry, I never cried for real in front of you, but now I don’t know what to do other than crying alone.


Are you at home now? I’ll come find you now.

Seungri stood outside your door and rang the bell. No reply. He rang it another time and still no reply. “Honey open the door. PLEASE” he shouted, but of course, you couldn’t hear him. You’ve been unconscious for an hour now, just a little bit more, and you will be gone from this cruel world. Seungri started to bang on the door, he banged so hard that his hands started to bleed. “Why don’t I have a key?” he shouted and kicked the plant next to the door. Cling. It gave off a metallic sound.

“I’m not going to give you a key to my place! But then if something does happen, there’s a key in the plant there” Seungri finally remembered your words from before when he begged you for a key to your house. He picked up the keys and pushed it into the key hole to open the door.

He saw you lying on the floor head face down. You slipped from the couch to the ground. He turned you round and saw a white substance from your mouth. “WHAT HAPPENED? WHAT DID YOU DO?” he yelled. He looked around and saw the wine glass next to the bleach and detergent. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO YOURSELF?” he shook you but you gave no response. He carried you and ran out of the house to his car. He laid you down and buckled you up. “Don’t worry, I’ll take you to the hospital very quickly.” he whispered and kissed your forehead before driving the car at 160km per hour.

A police caught him speeding and signaled him to stop but he ignored him and continued to zoom to the hospital. He pulled up right outside the hospital and carried you to the emergency department. “Please help her, she drank bleach and detergent!” Seungri begged the doctors. “Please calm down and wait outside. We will do what we can but you can’t stay here.” the nurse said to Seungri.

Just before he could continue talking a police tapped him on the shoulder. Sir, you were speeding way past the limit and you ignored me when I told you to stop and you parked your car in a no parking area. I am going to charge you for three things. “I DON’T CARE! JUST CHARGE THE HELL OUT OF ME! I NEED TO MAKE SURE SHE’S OKAY! TAKE MY KEYS AND DRIVE IT SOMEWHERE ELSE THEN!” he yelled out the police officer. “Sir please calm down, I understand perhaps you were desperate. I can ignore the first two as long as you move your car now” the officer replied kindly. Seungri turned around and apologized “I’m sorry for my behavior, I’ll move it now. Thank you for being considerate.” He ran out of the doors and went to his car and parked it in the parking lot. He called his hyung’s and told them about the situation. They all came to support him and you.

It’s been 4 hours and you were still in the operation room. All of the BIGBANG members sat outside the operation room and a whole load of reporters tried to smuggle in the hospital and get a glimpse of what is happening. Fortunately, the security guards saw them and ordered them to leave. “Hyung, what am I going to do? I can’t live without her? It’s all my fault. I should have noticed this earlier. She must be under a lot of pressure dating me. What should I do…” he broke into tears.

TOP put his hands round Seungri’s head and held him close. “It’ll be fine, I’m sure she’ll survive. Don’t worry.” TOP tried to calm Seungri down. “Seungri get a hold of yourself, do you want her to see this side of you?” G Dragon ordered him. “Oi hyung, he’s having a hard time, Seungri, it’ll be fine, she’s such a nice girl I’m sure she’ll survive.” Daesung comforted him.

Another two hours passed and finally the doctors came out. I’m sorry but we’ve tried our best…


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